Storage options at Aldinga

SiteUnit dimension choices
Site 1. 9 Lacey Drive, Aldinga Beach6x4, 6x3, 4x3, 3x3, 4x1.5, 3x1.5, 2x1.5
Site 2. 6 Lacey Drive Aldinga Beach9x3, 6x3, 6x2.4, 3x3, 4x1.5, 3x1.5 - outside vehicle storage available
Site 3. 5 Lacey Drive, Aldinga Beach6x3, 4.1x3.2, 3x3
Site 4. Lot 12, 76 How Road, Aldinga Beach9×2.8, 6×2.8 - undercover vehicle storage available

Recommended storage sizes


Unit length
Floor area
(square metres)
Height range - typical
Volume - typical
(cubic metres)
Typical Use
(for guidance only)
92.8 to 325 to 273.3 to 4.290 to 100Very large household, long vehicle, boat with trailer
62.8 to 318 to 243.3 to 4.260 to 70Three to four bedroom house, motor vehicle
62.4142.433Contents of a unit or smaller three bedroom house
4 to 4.13.2133 to 3.341Two bedroom unit
3393.2 to 3.828One bedroom unit, spare room, declutter house for sale purposes
32.57.5322.5Smaller one bedroom unit, declutter
41.56318Declutter home, office records, personal storage goods, hobbies, files, books
Open AreaOutside secure storage of caravans, campervans etc

* Unit measurements are approximate due to variations in construction

Want a detailed calculation?

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