Main office and box sales
9 Lacey Drive, Aldinga Beach

Unit dimensions available (metres)

6×4  6×3  4×3  3×3  4×1.5  3×1.5  2×1.5

Extensive Caravan and Boat storage

6 Lacey Drive, Aldinga Beach

Unit dimensions available (metres)

9×3  6×3  6×2.4  3×3  4×1.5  3×1.5

* Outside vehicle storage available

5 Lacey Drive, Aldinga Beach

Unit dimensions available (metres)

6×3  4.1×3.2  3×3

Lot 12, 76 How Road, Aldinga Beach

Unit dimensions available (metres)

9×2.8  6×2.8

* Undercover vehicle storage available

Why self-storage seekers choose us?

Fleurieu Self Storage at Aldinga continues to demonstrate it’s a popular choice for self-storage seekers with its four sites offering the widest range of storage features in Aldinga and surroundings. We offer a range of services including:

  • Great pricing, no deposit, fortnightly payments
  • Largest range of storage volumes in the area
  • Long access hours 7 days per week
  • All units ground level, most drive up
  • 24/7 Digital CCTV surveillance, keypad site entry
  • Box and packaging sales

Moving house, downsizing, renovating?
Just need some extra space?

These are just a few of the reasons our satisfied clients use Fleurieu Self Storage Units. Our motto at FSS is to store with “E.A.S.E” – Efficient, Affordable, Secure and Effective.

Not sure what size storage unit you require? That’s ok – let us help you out. Our FAQ page lists all commonly asked questions and our Storage Options will take you to pictures and diagrams displaying the units in detail.

When it comes to packing boxes, tape, accessories then Fleurieu Self Storage have all the extras you need including safety hints. That’s how we can help you store with E.A.S.E.

What our clients have to say

Recommended storage sizes


Unit length
Garage Size ComparisonFloor Area
(square metres)
(cubic metres)
(for guidance only)
938 to 50% bigger than a garageArea: 25 to 27
Volume: 90 to 100
Very large household, long vehicle, boat with trailer
6Garage size to one third biggerArea: 18 to 24
Volume: 60 to 70
Three to four bedroom house, motor vehicle
6Just over two thirds of a garageArea: 14
Volume: 33
Contents of a unit or smaller three bedroom house
4 to 4.1Two thirds of a garageArea: 13
Volume: 41
Two bedroom unit
3Half a garageArea: 9
Volume: 28
One bedroom unit, spare room, declutter house for sale purposes
340% of a garage areaArea: 7.5
Volume: 22.5
Smaller one bedroom unit, declutter
4One third of a garageArea: 6
Volume: 18
Declutter home, office records, personal storage
3One quarter of a garage areaArea: 4.5
Volume: 13.5
Smaller goods, hobbies, files, books
Open AreaOutside secure storage of ​caravans, campervans etc

* Unit measurements are approximate due to variations in construction. Garage size means a single garage 6m long by 3m wide (18 square metres floor area).

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